ηєтєяσ-¢нαη'ѕ αят ѕнσρ :∂

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ηєтєяσ-¢нαη'ѕ αят ѕнσρ :∂

Post by Netero on Mon May 04, 2015 9:21 am

:daww: Hello Everyone, Ne-San here, I am new to Gasr and came in hopes to spread my art out there with the world well the Gasr world XD, I am not really good at art like everyone else but i have high hopes and faith in my artwork and hope someone will love/like it one day. I make Art for IMVU basically anything I can get my hands on, I try and do. ^~^ So please enjoy this forum post and gander through it as you wish. PM if you are wanting a custom or to buy pre-painted one that is for sale. Prices range in IMVU currency between 5,000cr-15,000cr ^~^ :ideaplz:

15K-Free Paints

Here is some of my work

Thank you for taking your time out to read my forum. http://neteroartshop.board-directory.net/ <---- I don't know what this is for but click it Very Happy Take care nao, come back soon ^~^!!

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